The negative results of premarital relations

That was a topic of one of the lectures at public school #50 for students of 11th grade. There were 28 students present at the lecture. 23 of them made decision on abstinence.

They are always glad to see us!

Oksana Yavorska and volunteers paid a visit to women at psycho-neurological boarding school in Sudo-vyshnevsk where they are hardly visited by relatives. She held a Bible class for boarders and then a discussion in smaller groups. She also saw patients who were to stay at beds. These women are really happy when somebody pays them a visit and are always glad to see guests.

Bible lessons in the prison for teenagers

New Hope workers regularly lead Bible lessons in the prison for teenagers. Children always look forward to our meetings and gladly participate in all activities. They share their prayer needs and ask for our opinions in making some decisions. Prison workers are grateful for New Hope ministry because they see changes in children’s behavior.

New Hope declaimed against the outreach of homosexuality

New Hope and other public organizations declaimed against the outreach of homosexuality and so called 'gender policy" and Juvenal Justice in Ukraine. The strike event took place at the center of Lviv city. The generation of young people called the authority and citizens of the city not to allow the destruction of family values which are the foundation of a healthy country.

After the strike of protest the deputies of Lviv city council composed an official letter to the President of Ukraine stressing on the importance of saving the role of family. Deputies also composed a request for priests asking them to clarify the situation for congregations .

Training for volunteers

In March 7-14 New Hope workers provided the School Ministry Training for volunteers in Ternopil region. During this time our workers delivered lectures in the Colleges for 200 students, where new volunteers had opportunity practically be involved in this ministry. Also after these meetings, New Hope workers organized Christian Youth Club meeting for these students. Local ministers have a desire to organize a Church on a ground of this Christian Youth Club.