Why Jesus?


1. Meaning of the Internet

Today Internet is the source of the most urgent, useful and interesting information – news, courses, exchange rate, and weather broadcast, etc. Day by day Internet becomes more widespread all over the world and … at the same time more accessible. It helps to build relations between people, moreover – helps to find friends and partners. Thanks to the high level of anonymity Internet creates the feeling of safety and this helps people to be more open without fear to be ridiculed or to seem naïve. That’s the comfortable environment for open and frank discussions concerning the vital questions.

2. In search of help.

Many people feel lost and disillusioned in life. They often find themselves in extremely difficult situations. More and more people are looking for the answers to the disturbing questions and for the opportunities to start relations with God. Unfortunately the Church is not very active in this area in order to help those who are in search. The course “Why Jesus?” www.whyjesus.ru (in Russian), kursy.proboga.in.ua (in Ukrainian) is a good instrument through which the Church can serve people by giving them the opportunity to get to know God who revealed Himself in Jesus Christ personally.

3. Thousands of participants.

The course “Why Jesus?” was developed in the Netherlands in 2000. This is an international project. The course was translated into 19 different languages. Today around 65 000 people in the whole world participate in the course each year. They are assisted by 650 e-coaches from different countries. Russian version of the course started at the end of 2011. During this period almost 400 participants went through the course. Nearly 30 e-coaches keep in contact with them.

4. Details of the course.

“Why Jesus?” – is an interactive on-line course about life, believes and the basis of the Christian faith. It consists of 5 themes that the participant is going through in 5 weeks. Besides learning the materials of the course, the participant has an opportunity to have an active discourse with their personal e-coach and other participants of the course thanks to correspondence, forum and chat. On finishing the course the participant is invited to join the Bible study group. They can also get the Bible for free if they want.

5. E-coaches.

The e-coache’s approach is new and not really typical: they do not “teach” nor convince “by force”, but ask questions and do the best to know the students as much better as possible and … encourage them to look for the ways to solve their problem through learning the truth themselves.

6. Vision.

Imagine a world with every single person having free access to the Gospel, knowing God, growing in Jesus and sharing faith easily.

7. Welcome to cooperation!

If you desire to share the Gospel but:

-          It’s not easy for you to testify about God to others

-          you lack the courage to start the conversation about Christ

-          you haven’t studied in the Bible college and you cannot preach

-          you don’t know where to start…

Write us on e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After the training session you will be able to do this through the Internet easily and effectively. Many people are looking for communication and are in need of relationship with God – you may be that very one who can help them!

8. Motivation.

Watch how people from different countries all over the world accept Christ in their hearts nowadays - http://about.jesus.net/about/decisions-to-know-jesus/.

9. More information.

Visit our sites www.whyjesus.ru and www.newhopeua.org to learn more about the project.



Leonid, Ukraine: “I got the answers to the questions that worried me for many years already. The main thing is: I understood the reason of my sufferings and got the chance for salvation. I am very grateful to You for this. May God bless You, Your families and work you do for other people.”

Nataliya, Israel: “The site is very useful because of the fact that when you explain certain questions you confirm the answers from the Bible. I think you do a great work. And I am so grateful to you.”

Andriy, Ukraine: “I like that the materials are simple and clear. I understood and learned how to live with God and people around me. The course “lit the sparks in my eyes” towards Christianity. I started to think how to find the key to open the door of the heart that is knocked at…Thank you!”

Anna, Russia: “I like that everything was written simply and step by step. My views of Christianity changed and I have a desire to learn about God and live with Him.”

Vyacheslav, Russia: “Probably every time you reread the Scripture, you take it a little differently. This course draws us closer to Jesus Christ as to the living personality that takes a big part in our life. After I have read the course I got the desire to become closer to Christ…”

Leonid, Belgium: “I understood that God exists.”