“Vision, equipment and support!”

We believe that God will bless further Children ministry in Ukraine in nowadays circumstances because of passionate prayers of all the participants from China, USA, Albania, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Romania and Italy. Please pray for peace in Ukraine, Ukrainian children and spiritual revival…The conference aimed on casting the vision on how to reach 2,2 billions children around the world for Jesus. The participants realized their need in partnership and multiplication in order to cooperate fruitfully till the work is done. They exchanged experience from the mission fields, discussed the use of tools for vision, equipping and support, worked out the action plans for the coming year.“Vision, equipment and support!” was the aim of the Mobilise 2014 conference that took place in Lviv, Ukraine, at New Hope Ukraine facility in March 16-19. God accomplished His purpose for all the participants from 7 countries, enabling them to come and be trained for the further fruitful ministry in reaching children for Christ. God’s people represented different parts of the world where they shine God’s light into the darkness equipping and supporting Children ministry workers to fulfill the Great Commission. In cooperation with BCM International (Bible Centered Ministries International) New Hope Ukraine has successfully led trainings to prepare the qualified workers to use the ISMT (In Step with the Master Teacher) programm for the last ten years. It enables Sunday School teachers and youth workers to make the lessons for the children exciting and qualitative, focused on developing a Biblical attitude and Modelling, Building Relationship, Teaching for Response and Using their Time Effectively.

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The upbringing of difficult adopted children


“The upbringing of difficult adopted children” was the two days seminar that took place in Kirovograd. Dave Little with his wife Coleen participated in the seminar as lectors. The peculiarity of the seminar was that the lector himself is a foster parent. Dave and his wife adopted two girls from Russia 6 years ago. So Dave shared his own effective and applied in practice strategies of upbringing. There were about 20 participants of the seminar. Most of all these were foster parents as well as children psychiatrist, psychologist and a social worker who emphasized that the information they have got was priceless and helpful in understanding of the psychics and the behavior of the foster child. The seminar included a lot of practical assignments that can be applied by foster parents in their work with kids in order to build close relationships with them.

New Hope helps orphans to get into the loving Christian families and then cares about the foster family till the child adopted is adult.

Since New Hope started its ministry nearly 400 orphans have been placed into Christian families that are provided with a qualified assistance of our social workers.

Join the “Orphan Care” program!

“Orphan Care” is:

  • trainings for foster parents;
  • assistance in the preparation of the documents;
  • adopting and foster care of the orphans;
  • visiting, consulting and assisting the families after adopting a child;
  • “support group” for the foster families.

By adopting a child into your family you not only rescue the child from the hopelessness but also teach him or her things well known to us but totally unknown to the child and give them vitally necessary skills. And what is the most important you share God’s love and care with this child!

We are happy to help you in this!

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Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Dear friends,

We are grateful to God for making us one family in Christ. On behalf of many workers and volunteers of New Hope Ukraine we want to express our thankfulness to you for your partnership with us in New Hope Ukraine ministry. Your love, care and friendship make us to thank God every day! Without you we won’t be able to do our ministry as effectively and widely. We want to wish you all the best and to have a great celebration of Thanksgiving Day!

God is good! Give thanks to Him in every thing!  (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

New Hope Ukraine team

Best Volunteer 2013 - Ceremony of Rewarding

In the end of January 2014 the rewarding of the best New Hope Ukraine volunteers of the year 2013 took place. These were people who have been actively involved into public school ministry by doing preventive lectures in many educational institutions of Ukraine. Among 40 volunteers who participated in that program and provided reports on work done four persons have been selected: Badrajan Nastya, Oleksyuk Petro and Myronyuk Vitalik from Rivne region and Igor Skrypnyk from Cherkasy region. The rewarding was a part of Youth camp for leaders “Preach the Word” (for 100 young ministers from Rivne city and the region).

Orphan Сare camp

Children as parents as well looked forward to that for the whole year. Unforgettable time together last summer brought back the foster families who have already attended the camp before and attracted the new ones. With God’s help June 10-15, July 22-27 and July 29-August, 3 there were three New Hope camps for the foster families. The camp has become the climax of the New Hope cooperation with foster families throughout the year, including consulting and constant support in the process of adoption of children and their adaptation in the new family, assistance in the upbringing etc. Approximately 150 people per every camp – parents together with their foster and biological kids, -were able to have a rest in the family circle in Dubechne, Volyn region. Every day the leader’s team prepared Bible lessons, games and workshops in craft and English for the campers. Parents at the same time used the opportunity to share the experience and discuss the issues of upbringing during the lectures of Dave Little. How much time before the computer allowed, how to teach to spend the pocket money or to do the task the kid does not want to, how to adapt the kid’s orphanage mindset to the principles of the Christian family – all these everyday problems had a place for discussion during the evening parents’ meetings. The unforgettable moment was the one of the evening programm near the bonfire – 24 kids decide to accept God to rule their life. These moments left no one indifferent – to observe how the children find themselves in the families, learn to live in new conditions, accept the love and care of the new parents and to live according to the new principles and then themselves decide to trust their life under God’s rule fills the heart with confidence in God’s will and the calling irremovability. These three weeks filled the parents and kids’ hearts with joy, bright impressions and gratitude to the Lord for the granted blessing.

“I would love to come back to such a camp and will pray for you, New Hope. Now having all that I’ve got here I will glorify and worship God that I have you, my nice and good friend. I love you, New Hope. ” Kateryna Demyanik