Best Volunteer 2012 - Ceremony of Rewarding

In the end of February 2013 the rewarding of the best New Hope Ukraine volunteers of the year 2012 took place. These were people who have been actively involved into public school ministry by doing preventive lectures in many educational institutions of Ukraine. Among 30 volunteers who participated in that program and provided reports on work done three persons have been selected: Denys Nevsky and Olexander Maksimov from Rivne region and Igor Skrypnyk from Cherkasy region. The rewarding was a part of a conference “Preach the Word” for 450 young ministers from Rivne city and the region. Anyone who is interested and willing is invited to participate in the program “Volunteer 2013”. To learn more about the project visit here.

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The best New Hope volunteers

19567 – it is a number of students the volunteers of New Hope have served in the year 2012 to. Last year our volunteers did 814 meetings (lectures).
Traditionally, at the beginning of the year we sum up the work done and reward the best volunteers of the previous year who get gifts and certificates to honor their work.
This year the three leaders are following:

Igor Skrypnyk from Shpola city, Cherkasy region occupied the first place. He did 41 meetings for 1842 students doing the school ministry in 12 different towns and villages of Cherkasy region. Igor received a netbook Acer Aspire One D270 + certificate + weekend for two people in Lviv city.
Denis Nevsky occupied the second place. He did 81 meetings for 1866 students. His reward was 3G tablet 3Q Qoo! q-pad + book + certificate + weekend for two people in Lviv city.
Olexander Maksimov from Rivne occupied the third place. He did 31 meetings for 1896 students and was rewarded with printer HP LaserJet P1102 + book + certificate + weekend for two people in Lviv city.

There are many other volunteers who spent much of their time and efforts to serve young people. They are: Snizhana Ohota, Pavlo Matviychuk, Vitaliy Myroniuk, Olexander Muliar, Yevgen Vasiltsov, Myhaylo Stepchuk, Tania Miroshnechenko, Tania Malaya, Olexander Mironov, Luda Semchenko, Iryna Kucherenko, Taras Shpak, and Tania Yeremeychuk.

"I’d like to thank and honor all participants of the “New Hope Volunteer 2012” program. It is a privilege for me and all workers of New Hope Ukraine to work with you as one team. We are happy to see that you do care about your neighbors and take the Great Command of Our Lord seriously. Your attitude and words of truth which you bring to public schools are the seeds that have been planted and will bring fruits at their times. We know many examples how lives of young people your worked with at schools have been totally changed because they invited Christ into their hearts and lives. They always will remember that it were you who helped them to take that important step toward Jesus. Today many of them became Bible seminary students, ministers and missioners; they became those who will continue your work. Thank you so much for your life view and position, for your sympathetic hearts and active ministry for young people. As a sign of our appreciation, please, receive the small gifts from New Hope Ukraine team.
Your brother and coworker, Matviyiv Stepan,
New Hope Ukraine President.”

“Times change but the calling remains unchanged”

“Times change but the calling remains unchanged” – it was a name of the media Forum that took place in Moscow in January 25-26. The main topic of the Forum was “Evangelizing methods in mass media”. At the Forum there were leaders of TV and Radio stations, workers of Media ministries, bloggers, narratorі and TV show hosts present who have shared their experience and encouraged the participants of the event to join the media ministry and invest into its development. New Hope Ukraine was invited to participate in the Forum and lead one of the workshops. Our worker Nadiya Fill, coordinator of the "Why Jesus?" project had a chance to do a seminar on “How to lead people to Christ in 21 century” and share her experience in Internet coaching. She has presented Internet project “Why Jesus?” as a tool of effective Internet evangelizing that can be used by many churches.

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Parenting Wounded Children

February 1-2 New Hope invited social workers of the «Orphan Care» program to discuss the questions of upbringing in the foster and adoptive families. Such a seminar is held for the second time already here. Dave Little, the lector from the US had an opportunity to share his personal experience and new approaches in the strategy of help and upbringing difficult foster children in the families. The audience received valuable information through studying practical ideas, realized in Dave’s own family.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

As we celebrate the birth of our Lord, may we be aware of the true essence of His birth! May we share with others the love He came to bring! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

New Hope Ukraine