Orphan Care camp 2012

Bright summer! Unforgettable impressions! In July, 16-28 again a village Dubechne, Volyn region, has become a place of the situation of two Orphan Care camps. Nearly 260 parents and kids were happy having the wonderful opportunity to spend time together. They studied together, participated in the program activities and communicated a lot.

The children were involved in various activities, games,competitions and performances presented and prepared by the team of New Hope volunteers united from different Ukrainian cities. Parents were blessed by the opportunity to meet Dave and Colleen Little again who led the training seminars.That was a time of active discussions and sharing both painful and happy upbringing experience in foster families.Every camp day ended up in the camp fire time where kids were sharing their testimonies and repenting. Parents joined the kids in singing worship songs and reciting poems.Two joyous weeks in the camp became the time and place of making new friends, finding new experience and answers to the questions, and simply enjoying the time together in the family called New Hope. All the families are grateful to our Heavenly Father for all who organized and supported the camps.


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