The best volunteer

We have an annual tradition to identify and reward the best volunteer of the year.

This year first place belongs to Badrazhan Oleg who together with his wife did 194 lessons serving by this to 7377 students.
We are happy for winners and rejoice about the fact that they take care for neighbors and take the Great Commandment of the Our Lord seriously. “Thank you for your caring hearts, active ministry to young people and your Christian lifestyle. Printer and certificates for 2 days vacation in comfortable apartments in the center of Lviv city are the small gifts to express our thankfulness to you!”

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Orphan Сare camps 2014

And again this year the Dubechne village, situated in Volyn region, became the place for the traditional New Hope camp for the foster families. Every year, the number of those who open their hearts for new kids into the family grows, so there were three camp slots in a row, 140 participants in each. New acquaintances and friendships, experiences and knowledge were left for both the kids and parents.

There was a new team of leaders that provided the exciting entertainment for the kids. This year, it included young people who used to be the campers at New Hope camp, themselves. This is what one of the leaders says: “Seven years in a row I used to come to the New Hope camp and this had become my favorite vacation throughout the whole summer. But this year I got an opportunity to serve the kids as a leader. It was not difficult for me as I have the similar story. I tried and became a friend to them the same way as seven years ago others became friends to me.”
Saying good bye was not without tears but everyone left with pleasant memories and expectations of newcoming meetings of each other next year. As parents shared – “it was one of the best events in our life! This vacation for us was like a gas for the car…because we could leave the routine life for a while and have such a holiday!”
Thank you friends for making these camps possible by your financial support and prayers!

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Internet Evangelism

In October 25 in Lviv a training named “Internet Evangelism” took place. Training was a part of the Internet project Why Jesus? There were about 35 participants from many cities of Western region of Ukraine present at the training.

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Christ is risen!

Dear Friends, 

May these days of Easter when we celebrate resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ be filled with light, truth, love and peace He brought in our lives. The last events in our country, in Ukraine, made us treasure those more than ever!!! Thank you for your prayers and support!Happy Easter! Christ is risen!