I want to help them to make right decisions...


Ferenz Milio is one of the most active volunteers of New Hope Ukraine who together with Alex Onyshchuk occupied the first place

in the annual reward program "Volunteer of the Year" in 2015. Together they did 302 lectures for 10992 students in public schools.
"The problems existed in my city have motivated me to start doing preventive lectures for teens in public schools. Many of them waste their lives for suspicious hangouts, spending all free time at the computers, using drugs and alcohol. By doing this they kill their bodies, their dreams and ruin their lives.
Another reason for me to do this ministry is my own childhood that hasn't been easy. I realize how importing is in this age to have someone who can give a good advice or example, show another way of living life fully, without drugs, alcohol, etc.
I want to be such a model for them. I want to help them to make right decisions about life with positive consequences; decisions that help to become better physically, emotionally and spiritually".
Besides lectures and meetings with kids at schools, Ferenz actively participates in events out of school like floor ball and other sports, home Bible studies for teens, etc.