Specialized orphanage in Znamenka


On the 19th of December, 2015, the volunteers of New Hope visited the orphans in the specialized orphanage in Znamenka town again

. This date coincided with the date of the opening of the main Christmas tree of the town so many children were invited to this event. When they returned to orphanage facility an interesting Bible lesson and sweets from the volunteers awaited for them.
This time mentally ill children, orphans and, surprisingly, teenagers came to the lesson. They willingly participated in creative activities we offered to them. At the picture you can see how talented those children are in doing crafts! This time the children had an opportunity to work with plasticine. The theme of the lesson was "Friendship". They had a choice to make a friend or a craft piece following the instruction, which was enclosed in a box with plasticine.
We thank God for the chance to be with these children and share our love with them during those special moments!