Specialized orphanage in Znamianka

On November 7, 2015 the team of New Hope Ukraine volunteers visited orphans in the specialized orphanage in Znamianka, Kirovograd region.

This time there were many (about 50) children of different ages. The classroom was not designed for such a number of children, so we spread a carpet on the floor and grouped with some children there. There were mentally-ill children too. This time there were more than usual 13-14 years old teenagers. Usually, they avoid such meetings. They decide to come to our lessons by their own wish, unlike younger children.
Orphans are very open and longing for hugs. They really want and need someone’s love and care. There were new orphans who have been recently accepted to the orphanage, while some children were taken home for weekends.
In fact, stories of every orphan differ greatly, sometimes they are quite shocking. For example, two sisters found themselves in this orphanage just because their young father is an invalid, so he can't work and provide for the family. He needs a surgery, but the family has no money for that. Moreover, they have to take care of their old grandmother. After weighing all pros and cons, the family made a difficult decision – to send the girls to the orphanage. 
Or let's speak about Sergei, a four-year old boy. He was brought to the orphanage without any documents or papers. The boy does not speak. He lives in his own imaginary world, so he needs constant supervision for him not to go anywhere alone.
This time, after the biblical lesson children got a chance to paint. That was a real joy! Many children painted symbols of the Ukraine, identifying themselves as true patriots of our country. Children signed their drawings and presented them to our volunteers.
At the end of the lesson, as always, a pleasant surprise was waiting for children - sweets!