Internet Ministry - its growing impact

New Hope's Internet Ministry grew in importance during 2011. Resources and books are made available to download or order. Training and evangelistic events are made known, but the most important growth has been in putting the Bible Corresponding Courses online, not as a substitute, but to compliment the mail program. In addition, a student study program (CBS) on the Gospel of John is now available in Ukrainian language.

Most importantly, the internet is now being used as a tool to mobilize church-based volunteers to be involved as online e-coaches to help people discover who Jesus is and respond to the message of salvation. In both the study and the evangelistic tools, online relationships with e-coaches, chat rooms, and follow-up events are used to build trust and relationship to help "explorers" find their way to Christ step by step. The goal is to help seekers find Christ and become involved in small study groups before they are introduced to local churches. In partnership with the "WhyJesus?" team in Holland, where the program was pioneered, we hope to launch it in Russian in 2011.